He's using it on his laptop with vista 32, and he's looking for an interface.

I was gonna suggest a Onyx Satellite until i found out that he's using vista.

It's got preamps and phantom power, and honestly it looks real nice for the price.

The only downside i see is USB 1.1, which could be a problem. Has anyone had latency issues with this? Are there any other reasons why this could be a problem?

It will be for recording vocals, acoustic guitar, and some piano.

If anyone has some better suggestions for under $200, I'd be happy to check that out.

Thanks in advance.
If anyone knows of any good USB 2.0 units that have 2 preamps and phantom power, that'd be great.

Or any firewire units would be fine too. I'm just worried about latency.
I've heard from some of these experienced types hovering around here that Presonus make some good firewire interfaces? i'm not sure about models or prices though. I'll be following this thread because i want a better interface too
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I own the unit and you will NOT have much latency with it, if any. USB 1.1 is capable of handling both inputs recording simultaneously. The guy above obviously doesn't own one.

The preamps are good and it's got all the features. I use XP, but so far the drivers are rock solid (Moody can comment on their stability with Vista). I love mine.

On that same note. If you can afford a FireWire interface then I would go for that.

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I get near zero latency with it, i'm very happy with it

Edit: I did have problems with the new drivers so I just use the ones that came with it.
I have one and I don't get any latency with it. I looked at the firewire ones but for the same price, you'd only get 1 input and that just wouldn't work for me. I haven't tried any others but I'll put an endorsement in for the Fast Track Pro.