first of all, i did use the search bar, but found nothing that can help me
probably because this is really a noobish question....
but i need to know some basics on strap locks

i heard from various people that it's usually good to use strap locks, and especially so if you use a heavy guitar

ok... that's good but i have two essential questions

1) WHY use strap locks? what do they do and why are they like 'essential' with heavy guitars??

2) i was thinkin some add-on accessory at first, but it looks like i have to replace the entire strap buttons on my guitar..... is this right? i guess takin out strap buttons is like piece of cake for many people, but i better have a pro do it for me if that's the case...

and finally, what's the average cost of decent strap locks?
i was looking around and found some schaller stuff for like 14 bucks.... is this good?

thanks for sittin through that
again, it might be a noob question, but a noob's gotta ask what a noob's gotta ask i guess...
The strap can come off of the strap button if you don't have straplocks. You don't want that to happen.

I just use these little plastic thingies on all of my guitars; no modifications to your guitars required.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
1) better security and easier to remove/add
2) all you have to do is unscrew the current ones, screw in the new ones
3) ya 15 bucks is good, i have the dunlop ones

I use the schaller ones, it's just a security harness for your guitar so you don't have falling guitars when you play standing up. The main idea of them is to lock the strap on the guitar to avoid damage and the such. But remember, just because you have them doesn't mean you can abuse your guitar (guitar flips) and expect nothing to happen.
the plastic ones broke for me but the dunlop metal straploks are good
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yeah, definately get them! They'll save so many bangs and scratches to your guitar. $15 is well worth it. But don't pay someone to do it for you - all you do is unscrew the old ones, and screw on the new ones. No new holes to drill, nothing. Just a screwdriver.
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I use the little plastic things as well and they've been fine for me. They were US$1.50 a piece at the local shop.
its worth buying strap locks which cost very little compared to if your guitar fell off a strap and broke,plus the strap locks are easy to take on and off
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1. Strap lock will be useful if you playing your guitar standing a lots and don't want the strap to slip off the button letting your guitar smash into the ground. I don't think it is more essential for heavy guitar... If it's about the weight then I will be more worried about the strap quality and button more.

2. It's not that hard to replace the strap button. It's simply just screwed into the body of the guitar. Just use the exact type of screwdriver and do it carefully. You 'll be fine.

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Take the screw out of one of the strap buttons. Bring it to a hardware store and buy four washers that are a little wider than the strap button. Put one washer on each side of the strap and put the screw through everything. You now have yourself a set of strap locks for a dollar.

edit: I'll put up a picture of mine when I get home tonight if you'd like.
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The width of the washer itself, not the hole. I can't find a good picture on google, I'm still looking though.

edit: I'll just draw up a basic example in CAD, gimme a few minutes
edit 2: here's something basic. Gold is the button, black is the strap, the silver are the washers.
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Thanks, Apollo66... exactly what I need! Nice pic too, gets the point across just fine.

I've had so many scares and close calls that a "permanently" attached strap is the only solution I'll consider at this point. The locks I was given as a gift (Zeppelinn locks for a Gibson Mauauder) are extremely unreliable and nothing but a very false sense of security.