My comrades, my brothers, my friends
Your attention I ask you please to lend
This message that I wish to send
Details a horrifying trend

I don't remember when it began
A feeling that I couldn't stand
Anger, frustration, anxiety, and
A tension so strong I felt damned

To a life not worth living at all

The silver lining beneath the clouds
Did not escape that terrible shroud
Everyday a cage that I couldn't get out
Hopefully you don't know what I'm talking about

Because the life I'd been given wasn't worth living at all
Fearing the highs for the following fall
Nothing good came my way
No comforting call at the end of the day
Always feeling an inch tall

Just when I needed help most
I finally found someone who could possibly host
A semblance of understanding of which they'd boast
But it seems they couldn't stand the dose
That I was giving them

Friends you were there, yes it's true
And I haven't forgotten all of those who
Did all that they thought they could do
The depth of the problem they could have never knew

My brothers, my comrades, my friends
Your attention I wish for you to lend
It's seems I've waited to long to send
This message before I'd met my end