Alright, well as I promised in your first thread I'm listening to you guys now and now I will listen to each song and comment on them. The first song, "The Rules" is a nice, solid groove but after a while it kinda bores me - I recommend adding another part to this song so that the listener isn't trapped in the same groove for so long. Other than that this is a solid rock song.

"One For Everyone" feels very long, repetitive and drawn out to me (I however, I'm only at 3 minutes in so it might pick up sometime). Well apparently, I was right - it really picked up at about 4:20 and I think that the song is kinda too long. I think that it would be better if it was more concise - the part where it picks up was a really good break from the 4 minute intro. One way you could fix this is by having another break earlier in the song or just cutting off some of the intro.

"Hit Twitch and Pass" is another solid groove but once again, I feel like it goes on for a bit too long before the song really picks up. It seems that you guys can write a really nice groove and parts that compliment that groove well, but you don't know exactly when to piece these two things together. Overall, it was a solid track, and was very impressive for being a live recording because it sounded quite clear.

"Not a Must Intoxication" is yet another solid groove, but it has a lot more energy in it which feels like it really pushes the song forward. Unlike the previous songs, which were much slower grooves which made it feel like the song was being dragged along for too long, this song gets away with being this length due to it's higher energy. However, it still feels a bit too long so I would recommend cutting it off right after the last chorus instead of playing through the rhythm again.

"Ripping Out the Seed" starts off with a great funk bassline and the guitar part compliments that well. This is my favourite track so far - it reminds me of a mix between Primus and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think I'd like this song even more if it was a bit shorter though - if you cut it off after the guitar solo around 3:30 that would fit really well.

Last but not least, "New and Untaught Minds" is pretty nifty. I was quite interested and when the song ended so quickly I was left wanting more.

Overall, you guys seem to be a pretty tight band but I think you need to work on the structures of your songs a bit more. There's nothing wrong with what you're doing now, but personally it feels like your songs go on for too long. I don't really know your fan base, but the average listener will tune out after about three or four minutes unless you keep them interested. I think that your songs would be better if they were shorter because it's better to leave the audience wanting to hear more than for the audience waiting for the song to end.

MY final comment in terms of how to improve would be to have your vocalist practice singing more. He's not a bad singer - in fact it really suits the music - but I think that if he practiced singing more he would strengthen his voice and would get better at projecting his voice which would make you guys sound much better.

Overall, pretty good stuff. As I stated in the previous thread - I'm also from a Toronto band. The name is "Look! Centaurs..." and we play more alternative and indie rock stuff and I really don't like playing in the stage at the Kathedral. Also, when we played there the sound guy was a dick - I prefer playing at the Elmo.

Anyways, if you've got some time check out my acoustic project. Here's the thread and the myspace link is in my sig. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=914968
^ You just love typing don't you...

Anyway, you all are really good, it reminds me of... a lot of stuff
Quote by DrPants PhD
^ You just love typing don't you...

Anyway, you all are really good, it reminds me of... a lot of stuff

I like giving detailed review of each song so that the people really know what I think is good and what they need to improve on. However, I do enjoy typing (especially when it helps another person).