Im looking into buying a Hartke HA2500 Bass head, it is rated at 250 watts.
Would that be loud enough for gigs in clubs and open stages? Will it offer enough headroom and all that? It will be played along a very loud drummer, a 100 watt Peavey Valveking 2x12 amp and a 120 watt Randall 4x12 amp.
i would suggest more....i think it would be ok, but very little to no headroom...

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It's all about managing your levels, and not letting your egos run away with you. In theory, you're fine, but if your guitarists have tiny penises, you're in trouble.
you'll need a pair of 210S or a 210 and a 115 to actually get your 250 more than likely

mine's 300W and it copes with a 40W fender blues deluxe on like3-4.

if only the vocals are micd then youre only as loud as the drums and you should be ok. my drummers pretty loud and i just manage
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See if you can get the HA3500. Our bassist has one and he puts it on 1 when we practice, 2 if we're really loud. Granted we don't run our amps full up, moer like a 1/4 up if we're a bit loud, but still. I think that amp will do it.
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