Hey guys stupid question but thats what basics is for. Now I'm confused because I always thought G chord was only 3 strings, but after reading this
It says its 4 strings. So I check this with looknohands.com and it says the 3 string method is the right one. But then I google it and get pretty much the same amount of 3 string results as 4 string ones. So which one is right? Is looknohands.com the one reliable source for chords?

They are probably all right. There are many ways to play many things on the guitar.
By the way that site u posted had a six string chord for G. The strings with no mark or an 0 is meant to be played open.
I see what you mean about the 3 strings....

I was originally taught how to play G using the 3 fingers, but found the 4 version a bit later.

I use the 4 fingered version much more often now, just find it sounds better to my ears.
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There's dozens of ways to play a G major chord.
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I use both... I kinda alternate between the two. It adds a nice touch to my style of soft rock music
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You can play a chord emphasizing the different notes in that chord by adding or subtracting how many of the same notes you have.


G chord

The notes that make up this chord are G B D

e---3--- G
A---2--- B
E---3---- G

As you can see you have 3 G's 2 B's and 1 D. You can add or subtract any extra notes like the 2 extra G's or 1 extra B, This will alter the chord's sound.

e---3--- G
B---3--- D
A---2--- B
E---3---- G

This way there is one less B, but you have added another D, So now there are 3 G's 2 D's and 1 B, as you can hear this changes the sound of the chord slightly.

So all in all, as long as you have at least 1 of each of the 3 notes needed to make a chord, you can add or subtract any extras to change the sound to your liking.

Hope I helped.
I have also seen that both are acceptable. It really depends on the sound you are going for and which chord you may have to hit next. Playing chords are sometimes about your comfort level.