ok so i have a fneder strat and i just cant seem to make it "screech" and idk why if you could please message me and help me with this problem id really apreceaite it
do you mean pinch harmonics?
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i dont know the term for it but if you listen to a7x or bullet for my valentine youll know what i mean its like a realy high pitch squeel and i cant seem to make my strat do it
ive had plenty of practice and my gain is always turned all the way up i just need to know different ways to do it and which ways work the best for you
Sounds like you're talking about pinch harmonics.

There's a couple good articles on the main site, in the forums, and a couple good vids on youtube about it, but essentially when you pick a note, you gently brush the edge of your thumb against the string, just for a moment, and instead of the normal note you get this high ringing tone. Every guitar has a different "sweet spot" for hitting em, usually between the bridge and neck pickups. Generally you'd combine a pinch with a vibrato to give it some tone.

Search "pinch harmonic" on youtube, there's a few good tutorials.
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