Hey guys...was bored today so i recorded some ideas ive had in my head for a while now...Any crit is welcome.

I know the playing was filled with mistakes and the recording quality isn't the greatest, so try to avoid crits on those areas if you can...


(oh ya, the song is in my profile "dark age")

Leave a link for c4c
A little heavy on the distortion, it sounds too muddy and fuzzy...Tone could have some work on....idk didn't really have any flow or organiztion to it the different parts went to another. But idk I'm not really into this kinda music so maybe I dont have taste for this style. That part in the beginning was cool how did you pick so fast?????
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The idea is pretty cool. Seems a little disorganized at parts though. Maybe you could like eq or pan the parts a little cause right now they seem to be fighting with each other and thus making it sound like sonic chaos. Record a better version, sounds promising !
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