hey i need some tips on practice scheduling like wats should i do and how long should i do it because they way i used to practice is no longer working for the techniques that i want to improve so yea...help lol...i used to just play songs and once i got the Perfect i mioved to a harder one
where does you guitar playing fall short? are you aware of any weaknesses in your playing?
Quote by sisuphi
where does you guitar playing fall short? are you aware of any weaknesses in your playing?

yea my sweeping isnt that good my alternate picking is ok but other than that everything seems to b were it should at the moment
well i would say this:

first remember that what you actually need to become a better guitarist isn't 8 hours of practice a day (i think it would be fun, some think it would lead to RSI, either way, not many people have 8 hours a day). all you need is 2. but within these two hours you must be completely focused and disciplined, now jamming out, no speeding up (if you're playing slow), no misdirected attention, what so ever. alot can get done in two hours, believe it or not.

the next thing you'll need is a metronome or guitar pro. this is so that you have an outside source for keeping time (eventually you'll develop inner timing, but still use a metronome as it's a good 'check').

at this point you have 2 hours, you're ready to focus and you have a metronome (if not, don't worry, but i would recommend getting one as soon as possible). now do not pick your guitar up yet. think about music, hear the music you want to play in your head. does it incorporate a lot of fast picking? a lot of legato? sweeping? vibrato? you get my point, figure out what techniques the music you want to play uses. (if you want to play covers its made even easier, just look at the songs you want to cover!). now that you know what you want to cover i would recommend getting a practice journal and writing these things down. set goals for yourself, like learning a given song in the next month (within reason) or being able to count out sextuplets and play them at x speed. could even be something as simple as learn 3 new voicings of C major by next week.

now you know what you want. all you have to do is practice. i would recommend dividing practice into about 4 segments which each deal with a different technique or study. the first i would say could be Alternate picking. within alternate picking you have lots of different things you have to learn, outside and inside crossing, single string runs, string skipping, 3nps scales, chromatic exercises. the list goes on and on (just take a look at some of the guitar exercise threads aroudn here!). just choose one sub-topic from that segment and work on that for the day.

Play SLOWLY examining every single aspect of your technique. are you fingers coming too high off of the fretboard? does you pick travel too far away from the string after it hits it? are you tensing up during an upstroke? when you play slowly you can consciously correct these things because you have time, and eventually (after about 4-5 days you will begin to think less and less about it --> i.e. it's moved into muscle memory and you've picking up the habit of playing properly).

and just do this for each technique that you want. vary it everyday, but always revisit the same thing three-four times a week. and if you really want to improve something, do it every day.

here's my practice routine right now:

warmup - stretches and massages to get blood flowing. then ten minutes of slow chromatic exercises and finger 'gyms'
finger independence - 15 minutes of these exercises. basically chromatic runs moving on finger at a time.
finger stretches - 15 minutes of Petrucci's finger stretches (youtube it)
2 min break
alternate picking - 30 minutes of a list of alt pick exercises. i do string skipping every other day. most of my exercises consist of scalar runs and UG user Freepower's right hand exercises
2 min break
Legato - 30 mins of exercises i have gathered from this sight and from the internet. i typically try to end with scalar runs in 3s, 5s and 6s
2 min break
Alt. Picking - 30 mins. as you can see i am trying to train my hand right now. for this segment i practice Moto Perpetuo. it's good times and involves lots of different techniques.
2 min break
Tapping - 30 mins of exercises that came in this months guitar techniques. 40 licks o my!

and from there i typically read up on some theory and try to apply it to the guitar. the segments alter a bit each day depending on how i feel. sometimes i will work on songs i'm writing. sometimes i'll do ear training and try to transcribe songs. but mostly i'm heavy on technique right now. i need to learn to sweep as well.

so there you have it. i realise that my schedule is a little over two hours, but then again i sometimes extend it (weekends) and sometimes scale it back (when i don't have much time). so it's flexible.

hope it helps.