My band does quite a few gigs locally (festivals and bars usually) and we have played voodoo child and foxy lady at these places but we think they may be too cliche so i decided to ask you guys what hendrix song we could do that is either popular or would go down well that isnt too cliche
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i was thinking some thing more upbeat and with a great solo on it. maybe burning the midnight lamp or something like that

hmm, come on pt. 1 fits that description.
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Thats a good one.

Just decided to ask this; do you think voodoo child is a cliche song? or do you think we could get away with it?

Well, i dont think its that cliche. But it isnt very unique, everybody has heard it many times. If you play it well i think it would be recieved in a positive manner. It is not even close to smoke on the water or stairway level cliche, so you should be fine if you decide to go with it.
I always thought Long Hot Summer Night went down well.
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Improvised solos on voodoo child would be great, that'd make you stand out. If you have two guitarists, you could extend the song and have guitar duels, before crashing back into the riffage.
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ooo or manic depression

Nicely played! As much as I am NOT a Hendrix fan, these are two songs that I would do if I had to do a Hendrix tune. All the others.... not so much.

And as an audience member, I would be delighted that if that band had to get up and do a Hendrix tune, at least it was one of those ones and not the usual suspects.

I say this because you don't need to worry about pleasing the Hendrix fans when you play a Hendrix tune - at least so long as you do it well enough. When you can please those who AREN'T Hendrix fans that you know you have a winner.


(funny enough, I start to like a lot of his tunes when SRV plays them.... I'd go on, but it would probably only incite a flame-war. :lol
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Killing Floor(covered by hendrix, written by Howlin' wolf), Who Knows, Angel
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