Today i plugged in my guitar and was shocked and surprised that it didn't work (as in nothing came through the amp). The volume and tone knobs were all on 10 there was no cord plugged into the recording output of the amp, in other words everything was set up correctly.

Here's how i attempted to identify the problem.

I unhooked the guitar cable from my amp, just left it running that way the amp was quiet, when i plugged on end of the guitar cable into the amp (the other end was not connected to the guitar) the amp started humming when i was on the "dirty channel" just like it should. When i pressed the other end of the guitar cable to my palm the amp picked that up (the humming changed slightly try it out for yourself to get a grip of what im talking about). Now when i actually plug the guitar in, nothing happens, literally the humm stays completely the same.

So basically the cable is working, the amp is working but the guitar is messed up, any idea of what might have happened ? I'm guessing some cable must have broken off or something.
same thing happened with mine
its just that inside your guitar just before the plug in, one or two of the wires have broken off so theres no connection to the pickups
so open up your guitar (my dad gave me a hand on my squier) and soulder the wires back on
if your unsure, take it to a guitar guy, but if you know an electrician or a builder, it shouldnt be too hard for them to do it
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get it too a shop to get it fixed. They know how to do it.

The fact that the cable hummed means that it is not broken

I would say that some part of the guitar is broken (maybe the part where it connects to the cable)
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Open it up have a look, to me it just sounds like a wires come loose somewhere, its quite a common thing to happen from the output jack for example if the jack always comes loose and you have to tighten it from the outside (Which ive learned my mistake from doing, always open it up).

Its a very easy job pretty much, if you have some basic skills with a soldering iron i wouldnt bother with a tech, its basically plug your guitar in to the amp, open it up have a look inside find some of the snapped wires, strip a bit off put them where you think they belong and if they do youll get sound again. Thats pretty much how I resoldered my output jack back to my jag. Also, check that the jack actually touches the tip of the cable too, it couldve bent while you forced a cable in at a weird angle for example.

Also theres a chance you coulve friend something if you were shocked, if you cant find anything obvious just invest in a new set of pots and a switch. And wire it up again. (Which is usually worth doing anyway if you have a cheaper guitar), otherwise, you may have just effed up the pickups.
Yeah i tightened the jack from outside quite a few times so one of the wires snapped off, re soldered it now it works fine, thanks for the help guys,