Is there a way I can use my amp for distorted sounds, and then bypass my Laney's preamp completely and use the GT10s clean sounds and effects? And I don't just mean switch to the clean channel on my amp (cos my amp actually CANT go completely clean :P), I mean can I easily switch to using the Laney just as a poweramp for the GT10s clean models, and back to amp distortion (with pedal bypassed) for distorted? I realise this probably makes no sense, since I kinda have no idea what I'm on about really. cheers for any help!

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i think you could do it with an A/B box if your amp has an FX loop.

I think it would be set up like this:

                ---->Amp input
Guitar -> A/B -|
                ---->Boss GT-10 ---> Amp FX Return/Poweramp in.

Then you could switch it with the A/B box.
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