hey pit monkeys,

right: this is attempt three of getting broadband. ive found some half decent packages (orange) and was wondering:

A) any experiances with orange?


B) is there any massive differance between a standard wireless router and the bt homehun / orange livebox kinda thing?


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BT_Home_Hub = for referance
I don't know about Britian (Because I don't live there), but they sell wireless G routers here for $40, which is remarkebly cheap.

Since 802.11n is a bit far off in terms of mass distribution, I'd go with g.

I'm not familiar with the router company you posted.

However, I have a Netgear, and I get range (3 bars according to Vista) from the 1st floor to the 3rd, halfway across the house lengthwise.

The main thing you'll be looking for is range, which can't really be tested until you bring it home.
BT Home Hub is known for poor default security settings, but this is easily remedied. Can't comment on Orange box, I've never seen one.

Either'll work fine, as long as you don't have anything made by Belkin trying to connect!
The bt and orange livebox things have phones which you can make free calls over VoIP, trough a different number, while normal wireless routers, while not having a phone attached, can still make calls if you buy a phone attachment etc..
ok, the package we're thinking of going on has 2meg speed, 6 gb download and free router for £12 amonth.

i dont really download, so itll bne used for ultra fast UG and xbox 360 gaming.

You will go over 6gb on live very quickly. I'm on orange using a livebox, no problems whatsoever. Very reliable, but occasionally they update the livebox and you have no internet for 5 minutes.
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