Hi UGers,

my English isn´t the best, so pardon me, if it´s hard to understand, what I want to say

So I´ve got a new Dunlop Wah-Wah and an old Multi-Effect and I wanna connect both to my amp: A marshall 100dfx combo. Anyways the probs is that I need to use 2 wires for my wah wah and use the direct input into the amplifier. My Multi-Effect is installed in the same way. So I can just use one of the both. How can I use the Wah-Wah and the Multi-Effect together? I want to use my distortion of the Multi-Effect + my Wah-Wah

Please help me

you need some patch cables to connect the pedals together like these: http://www.thomann.de/gb/the_sssnake_sk369s-03_patchkabel.htm

therefore the connections will go: guitar--whammy--distortion--amp

hope that helps, and your english is better than a lot of people in the pit
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ah k thank you dude, i´ll test that! Are these patchcables the same as the ones you use to connect the guitar with the amp?

edit: they don´t seem to be the same, because of their price :P
they are just alot shorter
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