Hi guys, i would post this in the Song Writing and Lyrics section, but there are to many rules everytime ive posted it got locked, and the advice i got (if ever) was not too good, anyway my band plays mainly power metal, Hard rock but we decided to make an acoustic song, my question is, could we keep repeating our chord progression in the verses, and find different chords:

heres the structure:

-Intro, chords (guitar 1) and harmony guitar (guitar 2, lead)
-Verse, same chords as intro (guitar 1)
-Chorus, new chord progression (guitar 2)
-verse, same chords as before
-chorus- same (Guitar 2)
-verse, same (guitar 1)
-Solo, acoustic solo (guitar 2)
-Outro (Guitar 1)

-Guitar 1= Rythme Guitar
-Guitar 2= Lead Huitar (ME)

would this work as a song structure?

Chorus (with added "doo-wops")


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I think you should leave out the verse after the second chorus, seems too much, you need to have a bridge or solo or something else there.
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