What does everybody do to make $$$?

I'm anintern for National Grid, a power/gas company in New York, and I work for the Electrical Engineering Department.

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im a fire controlman second class, tomahawk cruise missiles, for the US navy until november when i become a civilian, then ill just be broke i guess. but i got all my gear bought . thanks governement!!!
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I work for the search bar police. Would you like to step over here sir?

Seriously though, I'm a waiter. Good pay. **** job.


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Currently assembling a kitchen from IKEA for my folks... Doesn't pay much but it's work and money involved.
I get one hour a week teaching little kids guitar, so technically, I'm a guitar teacher.
$20 an hour.
Oh, I'm also a counselor on seasonal staff at a girl scout camp

tbh though, I get more money asking my dad for pocket change.

Yeah. The rumors are true. I'm a twat.
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i work in a pet shop, and play with the smanimals.

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I help graphic designers for both web and animation.
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im a supermarket employee but only for like five weeks longer... then i training in the army
wash dishwashes, but i recently quit since they wouldnt pay me min wage (it got bumped a little back ago i believe) so i was still being paid the OLD min wage. screw that!
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you build guitars worthy of sexual favors

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i work at a grocery store. my jobs include cash register, customer service, stock, and deli.

they just make me do whatever they need me to do.

its ok. the job isnt the best, but i like the people i work with.