a peavey tripple xxx head it is amazing just thought id let you know but i need a new cab for it my budget is 1000$ or lower i play music in the likes of tool, rush, pantera, NIN, and john mclaughlin
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If it were me, I'd invest in some tools and make one myself. It was hella fun when I did my first cabinet from scratch.

I would really just recommend a 2x12 from Vader for what you play, although avatar makes very good, albeit slightly heavy, cabs.

If you want a good looking, customized cab to your specs, check out Ear Candy cabs, they'll even be able to make a head cabinet to match for your XXX.
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If you got $1000 get a Vader 4x12 or 2x15 or something. I think its about $650.
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Wouldn't a triple XXX be a Peavey XXXXXXXXX?

Seriously now. A Vader Cab would be good for what you play, and at a pretty good price too.
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Vader 4x12 with a Vader 2x15 underneath.... not under $1000 but will still kick you in the nuts
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I'm thinking two Avatar 2x12s would be in order. You could get V30's in one and G12H30's in the other. That way, for some gigs you could have both cabs and both sounds, or for smaller gigs, carry the one with v30's. You could also put v30's in both, have one to leave at your practice spot, and one at home. For gigs, carry one or both.

Another solid, and very affordable option would be to buy a LOPO cab from www.lopoline.com. You could get an unloaded cab for really cheap, and then pop some warehouse speakers into it. They make SOLID cabs. An unloaded 4x12 is only $289, plus the price of 4 speakers. You could then buy another 4x12 and a 2x12 (my preference), so total it would look like this...

4x12 cab 298.80
2x12 cab 178.80
6 Warehouse Speakers $65x6
= 867.60

Sounds spiffy to me!

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Personally I would jsut get a 212 cab, because they are so easy to move, and can be moved around in any car, unlike a 412 cab. Volume will not be an issue, you got 120 all tube watts, even with a single 12 cab Im sure would be more than loud enough to push any stage. Look into Avatar cabs, they well built and their prices are great, you can get a 212 combo there for around 300, and save the rest of your cash. For speakers, Vintage 30 are what this amp is desind to run with, the Shefields that are loaded in the Triple X cabs are V30 clones, (just the chrome speakers, the others are different) and really sound equally as good IMO, some people take out the stock speakers and replace them with V30 and say it makes a big difference, I think the difference is only in thier minds, its a placebo they thinks its different but its not.
stretch another 70 bucks or so (considering tax if you go new) and get a Mesa Rectifier 4x12. I like Mesa cabs a lot, and they do add a lot of low end and thickness to your sound, and since you're running a Triple XXX, which is a brighter amp, the 4x12 will make it sound uber-thick.

you could probably nab a Recto cab for 6 or 7 hundred used, depending on the condition. That way, if you're not a Celestion Vintage 30 man, you can swap out the speakers and still be around your budget. Vader supposedly makes good cabs, and they're like 700 shipped, so that'll be pretty damn good. And the cab's 480 watts, so you'll have PLENTY of headroom...and you'll be loud as hell!
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