Im joining a new band, who are mainly rock orietated (like me) but also play blues. Now, I have no knowledge of any blues stuff at all and would like to do my homework before I go and rehearse. Can anyone suggest any good Blues albums I could learn and practice? Oh, I'm the Rhythm guitarist by the way so not too bothered about leads...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated
listen to the three kings ( b.b, albert, freddie) and other blues fathers like robert johnson, howlin wolf ( with hubert sumlin on guitar), buddy guy, hendrix, muddy waters and so on...

listen to their music and feel it! learn some licks but don´t copy everything, you got to find your own style!
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Learn the twelve bar blues form of by heart. You might also find useful to learn the pentatonic major, Pentatonic minor and the Blues scale.

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Well, you probably don't want to actually learn the songs, because that is exactly what blues is not about. Get a feel for people like B.B. King, Clapton etc. and just get a feel for it. I'd suggest you learn 12 Bar and the blues scale (just the pentatonic with a few extra notes) if you haven't already.
yeh 12 bar blues is good to practise, status-quo use that a lot.

i'd also reccomend clapton, doyle bramhall II, and john mayer to you. they're all relatively upbeat yet blues.

some people have said BB king, and while yes he is a top class blues player don't get me wrong, i just find him a bit depressing. sorry.

like i seen him on jools holland the other week and he played after the RHCP played dani california and he totally killed the upbeat mood, silly man!