I've had a block on my guitar playing/writing for 4 weeks now.. So I decided I'd try to get myself back into it forcefully.

This piece isn't that great.. But it's what it is.

Let me know what you think, what I need to do etc., and I'll get back to you.
The jazzy intro is alright but maybe have a bit more variation in chord picking once the lead stops as even with vocals I thought it'd be a bit boring. Also I thought the lead could do with a bit more vibrato to add some 'feeling' as I couldn't feel any emotion in it.

The dissonant parts were ok. It isn't really my thing. All I can say is that sometimes it sounded forced, like it was trying to be dissonant for dissonance's sake rather than the parts fitting in with the song. Especially those harmonies. Surely there's a different interval which is more appealing to the ear even if it is still dissonant?

I can't think of much else to say. Was a relatively standard song apart from that. Keep on writing stuff dude. Hope my criticism helps.