What is the best looping pedal on a budget? I want to be able to easily put a 10-20 second riff into and loop it smoothly. I don't need crazy features and I don't have much dough so don't tell me about some digitech $600 looping station please.
Read up on the Boss RC-20XL, its about $500 AUD.
I never hear much about the Digitech Jam Man, the boss looks great!
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The Boss RC-2 is probably the cheapest, but I don't think the RC-20XL is that much more expensive (plus it has two footswitches).

Edit: I think the RC-2 might be under 200 US?
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Doesn't the Boss DD7 (or one of the other Delay Pedals) have like up to 40 seconds of Mono looping, 20 seconds stereo?? I mean, it can't store like a station could, but if you're just looking to improvise over a short riff and not worry about storing anything or other fancy featyres I think the boss delay should do you good. I don't remember the price, sorry.

There's also the RC-2 as mentioned, I've seen that most often at around $178 in stores that have Boss displays, but I haven't read anything about it to recommend for or against purchase.
i LOVE my rc-2


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