I'm helping my band's new keyboardist out by writing an outline of his part. I say outline because, while I have a good idea of how it needs to sound, he's the keyboardist and I really want him to make it his own and play it as he sees fit.

Anyway, there's certain parts I'm having trouble with. One of the chord progressions for guitar goes: Ab - A - B (all in power chords)
I need a keyboard part to go along with that. Something like the keyboard part in COB's "Hellhounds On My Trail".

What kind of keyboard chord progression would complement the guitar progression, but still add stress to each of the note? I was thinking maybe this: Abm - AM- Bm.

However, I'm still not sure if it'll work. Any help?

EDIT: Sorry the actual guitar progression is: Ab - A - B

DOUBLE EDIT: If you listen to "Hellhounds on My trail", the keyboard part I'm talking about is about 30 seconds in. How would I get that sort of harmony with my progression?
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Harmonized notes?
I'm no help sorry.
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Well.. decide what type of harmonies you want (3rd, 5th, etc) and then find out what notes you're playing on the guitar and simply transpose them a 3rd, 5th, etc up on the keyboard and play along. If I were you however, I would make something original. Try fooling around with notes in the same key until you come up with something catchy.
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Abm - AM- Bm might be a good idea, but you might want to change the Ab to a major, because it makes the Bm more powerful. (Depending on how you write it, though, the first chord progression could easily sound more powerful) I'd suggest that for each chord you play a short but unique arpeggio before playing the full chord.
do you mean the sound that makes your power chord stand out? octave above 3rd interval it sounds like.

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What is the key of the song?

If I figured it out right, our song is in B Major/ G# minor
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It's a G# not Ab. I imagine the song is in a mode of E major; likely G# phrygian depending on how it resolves and that lark.