I'm in a christain rock band and I need a multi-effects pedal that will give a good range of effects but won't kill my wallet. My budget is about $250. Thanks in advance!
Personally I love the Boss ME-50; it's sturdy, sounds pretty good, it's easy to use and it's not expensive.

I've had an ME-50 for quite a while now and having used it with various amps I can safely say that the sound is pretty damn good. Some of the distortion models aren't too convincing, but most of the effects are pretty well done, plus compared to pedals like the Digitech RP50 this thing is miles ahead.

The ME-50's has a metal casing which makes it one solid pedal. Despite regular home use and occasional gigs my ME is still in good shape.

The only problem this pedal has ever given me is that I've stept on the power input a couple of times (snapping the jack), but repairing it was an easy fix. By the way, if you have batteries in it as well it immediately switches to battery power as soon as you disconnect/break the power supply.

I'm not saying this pedal is perfect, but it does have good value for money.
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