My amps been acting up so i opened it up and resistors r10 and r18 were cooked. The value on both is 10R. Do they use "R" instead of the ohm symbol or does it mean something different. Any help would be appreciated as i obviously dont want to put in 10 ohm resistors when it should have been something else. Heres the link to the schematic if it helps at all. http://www.drtube.com/schematics/ma.../v230-61-02.pdf
Your schematic link doesn't work. If you post it again I can help you with the resistors and probably tell you what caused them to go in the first place, which is important to remedy.
thanks for the link martin looks like they do use "R" instead of the omega symbol

and colin that would be awesome if u could tell me what caused the resistors to smoke
I'm not real good with SS amps, but R10 and R18 look like they're for feedback or stabilization. They should really be more than 1/2 watt, I'd replace them with 1 watt resistors. Hopefully they didn't take the ICs out when they blew.
What the amp does is has a slight buzz/hiss to it, its not too bad just kinda annoying when playing clean stuff u can hear it between notes.

i dunno if the smoked resistors are the culprit im just hoping so since its the only problem i can see.
I feel safe to say that judging by the other resistors in the circuit and the fact that there's no metric prefix that starts with R that R10 and R18 are both 10 ohm resistors and definately you want to put in 1W resistors now