Hey i'm hosting free on freewebs and im about to buy a domain from godaddy, only thing is how do i make the domain go to my bad freewebs site?

black magic?
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Tell godaddy to point your A Records to the freewebs domain.

how do i do this?

I think there's two options available. First, you can transfer your domain over to freewebs.com, but I think it costs money (but it's not much). Here's a guide here (and it's available from the freewebs premium&domain section of the member area:


Second, probably the best, is changing the nameservers of your domain name. The nameservers for freewebs, I believe, are:


You should be able change your domain name settings to these in your godaddy account area.

Hope this helps!
I'd totally move over from FreeWebs. Get a real host - check www.hostgator.com (Brilliant. Don't look that reputable, but I was with them a long time) or www.mediatemple.net if you're after basically the best hosting in the world.

But yes, you need to move your DNS records over to your hosts nameservers. It's very easy - you're given them by your host at some point, and you change them within GoDaddy's management area.
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You can set up forwarding in the control panel of the website where you're buying your domain. It will redirect anyone using the URL to the freewebs sites. If you use 'framing', it will keep the bought domain name in the URL box instead of the **** freewebs one.
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