Well Last night I saw on my local music store's special section on their site there was a pedal retailing for $180 on sale for $50!! (70% or so off, what a bargain!)
So I got mum to call up this morning and ask them to hold it for me til after school and I bought it this afternoon.

It's an Ibanez LF7 Low Fidelity Pedal and it sounds whacky, just the way I like it.

Now, Im not sure where I should be using it.
My amp has an effects loop and I'm using a Boss Metal Zone after my tuner followed by the LF7 and then my old Digitech Screamin Blues as a treble and slight gain booster to tighten up my sound, almost like an EQ pedal.

So where do I put it? Before or after the Metal Zone, after the Screamin Blues or in the effects loop on its own?
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