Just before i say anything i know there is a wealth of knowlege at my fingertips, but its much more fun to discuss things your not sure of.

My theory is that smoking weed makes you loose wieght and also while your smoking weed eating doesnt make you gain nearly as much wieght. this works (in my brain) because smoking ganja greatly speeds up your heart rate (if its good and you smoke enough of it) and i think that if blood is being pumped around your body faster all your other bodily functions speed up aswell. e.g your digestive system. im not sure but i think that if your digestive system is working alot faster it doersnt give your body the time it needs to extract nutrients and fat before its turned into waste. so you squeeze out a portion of the fat aswell as most of the waste alot faster.

this is probably complete rubbish. ive not looked into any of it. if anyone knows if this is correct or why its incorrect please reply. also i guess ill get flamed for being a "stupid stoner" and trying to "defend drugs" so just in advance........ **** YOU, YOU IGNORANT STRAIGHTEDGE ****S