i'd rather die than choose
Living is easy with eyes closed...

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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
mikko: Yes.

Why did TS make this thread when there's a huge one existing already?
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
no clue. did he use the search bar?
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.
no the searchbar is sneaky and somehow manages to avoid a few posters ...

does the TS realise his mistake?
To all the villianous insects who preach their slanderous, dupliciticious loathing; to each beautiful walking laceration who made me weep and bleed ... I hope you choke

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no clue. did he use the search bar?

he probably didn't

should he learn to?
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yeah fire him secretly... thats what im doing except im firing myself and secretly joining someone elses band

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If you get a virus by looking at porn, is it considered a sexually-transmitted disease?

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thanks for the compliment man!
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he probably didn't

should he learn to?


everyone knows not to report, right? on accounta it's been done before, and you dont report repeat threads...

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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
Does he shop @ KFC?
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