So I just got a Gibson LP Custom and I play at my local hangout and it sounds amazing but i then play it on my amp at home (Crate) and it sounds horrid. Its the amp, it was that way with all my other guitars as well.

I want a GNR sound or Motley Crue Sound, Tube amp i hear is best.

I also dont want to break the bank, can you please help?

It need to be big enough to play at a small bar.
Why not get the amp like the one at your local hangout. Sounds amazing right?
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Get a Laney VC15. It's great for that classic rock crunch and can also break up to higher gain stuff. It's a bit expensive (even for myself), but it's an amazing amp.
i have no idea what size your bank is, so have no idea how much will break it. What's your budget?
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