hey guys. i'm currently playing an epiphone sg-400 (everything is stock on this guitar) and i need to get into a drop A tuning. what would be the right gauge string for me to use?
What gauge do you use in standard? Something like .13's would probably be appropriate, but you're most likely going to need a pretty major setup.
You can try to work yourself up (or down). Try to tune it with different gauges to see what fits you. If it's to sloppy move up a gauge and if it's to firm, step down.

But yeah as hrdcorelaxplaya said, .13 should be enough, tho it depends on what fits you.
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no because the tension of 13's in drop A is more or less the same as 10's in standard i think
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alright cool. do you think that a set of 13's would warp the neck of this guitar?

Probably not, provided in Drop A it's at the same tension as a lighter gauge in standard. Your intonation is bound to get a little screwy, though, and you might need to file down your nut some more.
ok. good to know guys. thanks for the input. if anyone else has some advice, don't hesitate to add it. i will be going with the 13's probably.
try 8's,lol.jk 13's should be perfect
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