hey. i'm not really sure if this belongs here or in the electric guitar forum so tell me if i need to move it...

anyway, i have a 3-year old ibanez gio with 3 stock pickups in a humbucker/single coil/humbucker configuration. a couple of days ago, i plugged into an amp and noticed that the volume of the bridge pickup was noticeably lower than that of the other two. the only thing i had done to this pickup before this happened was i tried to scrape off a little rust that had developed on some of the pots. i haven't adjusted the pickup heights in ages. i checked all the connections going to the selector and the volume and tone pots and everything seems to be in order. i also tried playing through other amps. do you have any ideas on what the problem could be? is there any possible solution besides replacing the pickup? thanks a million.
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Were you scraping rust from the pots of the guitar or the poles of the pickup?
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^^i actually don't know what brand the pickup is. it came with the guitar so i'm guessing its an ibanez...i haven't checked it with a multi-meter

^hehe. sorry about that. i was scraping the poles of the pickup...
To know death, you have to f*ck life in the gallbladder...
^this is why I tell people not to scrape the rust from their pickups. Chances are some of the rust got into one or both of the coils and damaged the wire. You need to get your hands on a multi meter and take readings of each coil. Both coils should read the same. If they don't then you know what your problem is.
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^thanks. hehe. i wish someone could have told me that before i started trying to clean them. assuming i DID get some rust into them, what can i do? is there any way i can clean them out or are they just screwed?
To know death, you have to f*ck life in the gallbladder...
^if you did get rust in there then all you can do is get the pickup rewound or replace it.
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