Hi pit, just wondering if anyone here likes Irish music? If so whats your favorite song? Mine is seven drunken nights. cheers guys.
It's a shame...I do Irish Step Dancing but I don't know the names of any of the reals or jigs I dance to -_-

I do love my some Whiskey in the Jar though
The Pit. The Movie.
*waits for someone to mention Dropkick Murphys*

I won't pretend to listen to a lot of it, but it's fun to listen to once in a while. Nothing like a good rendition of Whiskey in the Jar by a bunch of overweight old men drunk off their asses on Guinness.
I have the soundtrack for "Waking Ned Divine"

It's pretty sweet.
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"Peigín Litir Móir" FTW
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Eugh, as a result of my Irish heritage I've been exposed to true irish folk music throughout the years, and nothing pisses me off more than those damn drinking songs.

We have songs aboot other things, thank-you very much.