I'm building a new pedal board case and it's turning out great. The wooden shell of the case is done, sanded down, inside is painted gloss black, and I have all the hardware to finish. It's a hard case, floorboard style pedal board with a top that can be removed using breakaway hinges.

The corners and corner seams of the case shell are rounded off, although I'm not picky about the corners because they will be covered with metal corner protectors. I've started applying speaker carpet to the outside of the case already using 3M Super 77 adhesive spray. Tonight I'll be finishing the carpet work and starting to put the hardware on. For the corner seams should the carpet meet in a "perfect line", or should there be a little overlap from front to back? I've been digging around online trying to find some pics or tutorials but haven't found anything yet. The carpet is a low pile speaker cabinet carpet like what you would find on a big A/V travel case or 4x12 cab or something.

I might post some pics tonight if anyone is interested in seeing the project. Thanks
pics! must see pics!
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Hmm. that new pedal board looks very similar to a 4x12 cab

lol can i still stick my pedals on it?
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