i am just a beginner and just like to play with a few friends and would like to know a good and cheap little amp to buy.

these are some that have caught my eye and have been told are nice practice amps, but i was told the Vox sounds cleaner in the tone then the fender. I would just like to know what you guitarist, who know a ton more about amps then I, think about the two and if you guys would recommend other small amps for a good price that would be great!



thanks for posting!
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microcube, or at least one of the cube series. dont get any cheap starter fender amp.

Either a roland cube, or a vox AD15VT
Roland Micro Cube is everyone's (including my) favorite.

If your new though, I bet you would like all the nifty features on a Spyder III. The tone is way worse than the Roland, but I don't think you'd be able to notice that yet. There are literally millions of different tones you can get out of it and lots of effects you can have fun messing with. All of this is assuming you can't hear tone difference yet. Go try stuff out, don't trust these forums.
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yeah if you're the kind of guy who won't stab someone in an argument over tone then go for the spider 3. it has so many cool effects. the tone is pretty bad but it will keep you busy for a while.

that or the roland. the cubes have all those nifty features too.
I think you should get a Roland Microcube...or a small vox of some kind...but the microcube is really great for 2 watts its got a lot of power