My house of 14 years
I found peace and quiet
I'd ride to the shoreline
Where Lake Ray Hubbard sits

I had thoughts about sadness
The waters where whispers to my ear
I contemplated more over
Where I was, How I came to be, and where I'll go

Such grand creation
It swells the earth full of life
Native of the land,
as I am

Provided with a home
My family of four at the dinner table
Saying our prayers
What's the news? Whats' the news? What's the news?

A new house of 3 years
We moved closer to that lake
The people we knew
were so much closer

My mother with a baby
Growing fast, just like his dad
My brother had no idea that
where we were, How he came to be, and where we go from here

Father finds the news
The doctor signed him up for war
The battles ahead
Looked like cancer

A family distraught
The thought of death
it hurt my head, hurt my head
Mother filled me in
What's the news? What's the news? What's the news?

The only war
That I feel was won
My father came back so strong

When the battle rages from both sides
God was on his side the whole time
Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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