A poem I just came up with, my first poem lol

A flash in my skull, constant
Too much, she liberates my mind
emerald eyes, loving lips, no lies
Its just her, her, her, my sweet love,
unrequited love.

She steals my air
no life without oxygen,
unrequited love, unfair.
Give me air,this is a plea, a call for help,
let this ember survive.

Thoughts of death thwart the mind,
black and green battle,
losing. taking over.

Desicion made, I suffer.
Incision to the vein ?
Shot to the temple ?
Suffocate the ember, somehow,

the diary is written,
a collection of thoughts, memories, emotions
the remains of a dying flame,
never to see daylight again.

Delirious state of mind, already decided,
An ampule of cyanide, emerald death
Sunlit halo, sea of green, surrounding
Blur of colours, all twinkling, all fading, fading.
Daylight dies, the halo dims, a kindling flame
Stutter and sputter, thoughts of green
Its gone now, the dying ember
Remembered by none,
but one.

emerald eyes deliver fragile tears,
confesses over the grave,
too late, left to suffer,
My green lover.
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