Well, our band wants to cover Bulls on Parade by RATM, but I don't like playing that scratching solo... I can rarely get it right. SO, I want to make a new solo, or at least add something to the end of the scratching part. I haven't really attempted making a solo before, but I know a fair bit of theory (many years of piano).
So, what key would the song be in, and what sort of chord progression should I use? Any other tips on making a solo would also be appreciated.
Not trying to sound like a dick but if you know a fair bit of theory why do you need people to tell you the key of the song?

I rememebr the song but cant really remember exactly how it goes. Why dont you play the solo parts that you like over a looped backing and then improvise when you get to the part you dont want. Repeat untill you find something you like. You could do this and get one lick that you like and then try again and keep that lick and add another just build it in pieces if its too hard to just improvise it all one shot. Im no sure how much time you have to fill but basically just keep playing and don't try to hard and it might just happen. Just hope you remember what you did!
Haha, well, I know a fair bit, and can apply it to piano, but I'm just learning to get it on guitar. I said that so that you you wouldn't treat me like an idiot...
Yeah, that's kinda what I've been doing, but I always forget. I've got as much time as I want, whenever we play a song, we always just have a "jam" of every instrument taking a "solo".
Just that, whenever I do it, it always sounds the same, up an down one pentatonic minor scale, throw in some bends and hammer ons...
Do you mean making it like a "proper" guitar solo and using notes and stuff?
You could come up with a solo using Wah/Pitchshifter/whammy bar/killswich/any objects available to hand, to make it sound more like a Tom Morello solo.

The album version of the song was recorded half a step down, but when I play it I just play it in standard tuning, saves the hassle of tuning a semitone.

Playing it as on the album it would be F minor, in standard F# minor. A minor or good old fashioned pentatonic scale would both work fine.
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A minor or good old fashioned pentatonic scale would both work fine.
Not if you want to play in Fm or F#m.

I'm sure there's a bass part under the stratches, so use that to guide you.
i'd help you out, but theres not much i can do, it sounded ok, effects are a life saver...
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