Ok, so im starting to plan a setlist for my band to practice so we can eventually start gigging. I was just wondering how many songs your first gig was or how many you planned out to do.

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(oh btw, im not choosing all the songs, all the members have put input into it with a song or two each)
I'd go for about 12 songs, remember to start and end on a high note, but end making them feel satisfied, 2nd to last song to fire them up, and the last one to deal the deathblow.
oh we havent got a gig yet, its just that we know can get some and some people to get us some. it'll probably be a mix but i know our first will be a school type thing.

can't remember, about 10 or so.
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it depends on the venue and how long they want you to play for

learning around 15 songs is a good idea though. so you can give some variety to your shows
a big range. a bit classic rock, a bit metal, a bit punk, a bit alternative - we're quite open-minded but its not like we'll play a death metal song followed by indie, most songs fit into place.
The gig organisers will probably tell you how long you've got. I'd prepare 10-15 and then cut and paste to fill the time you're given
Also be prepared with a quick, fast paced song in case they want more, or you want to break out (Breaking the Law, Paranoid, Born to be Wild, Peter Gunne [oh yah] )
I think we did a 10 song set. Now if you guys have never played anywhere before I would focus on getting really good at 4-5 songs instead of trying to pile a lot of songs on to your first gig. You would rather rock out 4 songs than play 10 songs mediocre. More than likely, if you are looking to find a gig, the first one you will play will be to open for another band. Therefore, you probably will only be allowed around 5 songs.
Don't limit yourself keep learning more and more songs. But i would say you need to know atleast 12 backwards and forwards, so you can play them at any given time. B/c you probally won't be playing more than 6 songs or so anyway. And that gives you some leway to change the songs around every gig.

My band has about 25 set songs that we have down, and can play when ever, but we always keep on learning new songs, and putting them in the setlist. We'll play about 3 or 4 of the 25 and play an extra 2 or 3 that we have been working on.

Can't stess enough not to play the same songs every gig. Switch it up a good bit.
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We had 6 songs week could play a week before our first show (Only 2 of them were originals), but I thought the setlist was too short, so I picked out 5 songs for me and my keyboardist/guitarist to do as duets in addition. So, 11 songs.
my first gig was 5 songs, and I was playing a school function. there were 4 covers and 1 original, it mainly depends on how long you have to play. When we played our setlist, we had a 30 minute set time, then there another band who got an hour, and they ran out of songs on their setlist, so one of the guitarist and drummer did a Hendrix medley of "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)/Purple Haze/Hey Joe" something like that, then they did a 10 minute "Texas Flood" Jam, so my adice now for when my band does our setlist, pick a couple originals, a couple covers, and if you need more, have a song you can really jam out on, like a blues or something.
I say if you can, try to get about an hour to an hour an a half worth of material, just to be on the safe side. I've found that bands that are playing their first gig are relegated to either first or second and usually play a maximum of 30-45 minutes. But I'd try to work up more material in case:
1. You get asked to do an encore
2. One of the other bands playing drops out/doesn't show up and you have to fill in the time.
3. The venue does want you to play for longer for one reason or another

EDIT: Also, you have more options to work with so if you decide you're sick of a song or you don't feel it's in pristine condition, you can drop it and slip another one in there.
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I haven't played a gig yet, but I know that the places here that we will making out first couple gigs at are 30 minute sets for everyone places, so it'll be about 8 songs for us. Anywhere from 5 to 10 depending on which ones we pick.
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Our first gig was about 4 songs and it was for some benefit. We could have played longer but we had only been playing for about a year and didn't know much material.
Ok a school type thing, will be 1-3 songs, for a battle of the bands at least. If/when you plan to start actual gigs, you will need at least 45 minutes worth of matirial. So it depends on the genre, but about 12 or so decent length songs, more if you have shorter ones, less if you have longer ones.