this is gonna be kinda hard to explain but ill try

ok yesterday i was playing guitar and wen i was picking i noticed that my pick was turning. (i ended up playing with the pick sideways). i asked my guitar teacher and he noticed that i was holding my pick at an angle. instead of being parallel with the string, the right side wasn't touching the string at all. so basically i was only picking with one side of the pick. my teacher told me to try and keep it parallel with the string but i cant really do that. i keep angleing it. if you understand this at all please answer...does it matter if its angled? and if it does how do i fix it?
if it sounds like crap then you have a problem, if it sounds fine it doesn't matter that much, just dont hold the pick sideways
it doesnt really matter as long as you sound good. HOWEVER, problems with ur picking hand can really affect your speed and such... just keep playin at it, n ur hands n such will get better. when i first started strummin chords, my pick would just fall right out of my hand (obviously a problem), but over time it got a lot better. just give it time.
well it sounds fine but like one side the pick is starting to like wear away i guess. idk if thats normal or anything
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well it sounds fine but like one side the pick is starting to like wear away i guess. idk if thats normal or anything

Ahhh you don't know how worried I was when I started to play guitar, i was like posting in here like crazy... and now I feel stupid about it.

Normaly, as other ppl told me, you can pick anyway you want. You can do everything the way you want it when it's about playing guitar. If you really but really can't pick parallel to the strings and you think you sound bad, get a dunlop stubby 2mm pick, worked very good for me. But after a month or two I didn't like my technique, I did not dislike my angling picking but my technique so I changed to what fited me and it ended up picking parallel. Err I still pick a bit angled but I don't care it sounds good and I'm confortable.

Edit: just to tell you, Paul gilbert plays angled [parallel too, depending on what sound he wants] and many other good guitarists.
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well it sounds fine to me. but i just noticed it. i was jw if it was a problem or not
I don't think it's a problem. Many guitarists hold the pick little angled.
But, if it bothers you then buy this:

Assuming you're right handed, this pick has 10 degree angle at the tip to the right, so even if you hold it angled it will be parallel to the strings
If you're lefty, then you have to buy the left angled one.
Here is where I bought them:

Rock on...
well i cant play hardly at all with the pick straight. it ends up being anlged no matter what. it doesnt seem to effect me at all. i actually think i play better with it my way. i just dont wanna be developing a bad technique
A lot of guitarists hold it Angeled, i do too. I learned it from a Paul Gilbert DVD and i find it was easier to pick that way. when i tremolo pick stuff on one string though, i sometimes revert back to parallel.