ok, this guy is selling his Washburn DK20CET Acoustic/Electric for $70 plus shipping. ive seen they retail around $400 but not sure if thats true. pics look good and in great shape. what do you say? i know its not a solid top, but im just looking for another guitar to mess around on with decently good quality for a solid deal.

thats what i thoguht, but i dont think he knows what hes doing. just trying to get rid of em
Unless it's got a solid top, I wouldnt bother. besides, this one only retails for around $200, realistically speaking.


If you want a guitar to mess around with, get an Art & Lutherie Ami parlour guitar.
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Well for $70 its not that bad a deal. But you would be better off saving up a bit and getting one with a solid top.
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