The springs from the pickups have fallen down into the guitar because i loosened it too much. Do I need to remove the pickguard to get them and if so, is there a way i can do this without removing my strings because I have only just put new ones on today. Please help. Cheers

btw I hav a Yamaha Pacifica if that helps.
Gotta remove the strings.
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lol get a new guitar would be the easiest way to do it, because your guitar isnt to good
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^ha. yeah ok.

ts, as i said in ur other thread. you have to take off the guard.

you can save the strings tho. just carefully uncoil.

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i got the springs now but i dnt now how to keep them in position whilst i screw bak in the screws
Put the screw thru the hole put the spring over the screw then press the pickup against it to get the screw started.