Selling to my Gibson Les Paul Studio to raise funds (having a baby ). It's a 2007. Looks and plays as new. Only thing that might be able to distinguish this from a brand new guitar is some very mild tarnish on the bridge hardware. Comes with Gibson Hard Case. Price is $1000 shipped CONUS.

Pedals for sale are a Dunlop Crybaby Original, DS-1, ML-2, and BF-2. All pedals come with box except the BF-2. Pedals are all in great condition with very little play time.

Crybaby is $55 shipped.
ML-2 is $80 shipped.
DS-1 is $30 shipped.
BF-2 is $50 shipped.

No trades accepted at this time. Feel free to contact me at jeremyrangel@gmail.com with any additional questions.

wow great setup

good luck with the kid,
i hope you can sell your gibby

At this point I have no need for guitar gear, otherwords I wouldn't be getting rid of it to begin with, so nope, no trades accepted, sorry.
What's the condition on the Crybaby?
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Peavey Studio Pro 112 for sale. Anyone want it?
Quote by Munchlaxatives
What's the condition on the Crybaby?

Crybaby is like new. Maybe 2 hours play time on it?