okay so i recently bought a creative zen
its great its good whatver
but it came with a registration program that wont leave me alone

everytime i start up my computer a little window pops up and says
"Creavtive Product Registraion"
gentle reminder or some crap
so i push the x i exit it out then it says something about product being connect before i continue then i exit it out again and it says it dectecting the product
my zen isnt plugged in so i right click and the bottom and push close
it stops responding and i end the program.
THE whole thing starts all over again and the remeinder comes back up.

ive tried deleting that certain registration program but it says it cant becasue the program is running BUT I CANT STOP THE PROGRAM FROM RUNNING


ask questions in case i didnt make sense
You are condemned forever to close the programme. Goodbye my friend, it was a good journey.

Just register it?
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