im kinda new to the bass and i was just wondering what are some good songs to start out with
try "too fast for love" by motley crue, really simple and really catchy.
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What kind of music do you like? There's a good song suggestion thread stickied in the bass forum.
Well plenty of Beatles and Zep songs have simple enough bass to learn as a beginner. Dazed and Confused is a very recognisable bassline that won't take you long to learn.
down on the corner by ccr (its the first song i learned)
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doppeee thnks people
i can sorta play Lucy in the sky
and dazed and confused

much appreciated
just listen to ur favorite songs and try to learn them. trying to learn to play songs you know and love is way better than asking other people. theres nothing wrong with that but why not learn bass to your favorite song. then you'll kno what bass is like for the kinda music u play and you can always listen to more songs for harder bass lines. just go up the tabs and pick one and play it.
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