I'm not really sure how to describe the sound, its like when you put a microphone to close to a amp but with more bass (not feedback) , the weird think is this only happens on certain notes (6th fret d) (2nd fret g) there's a few more just cant remember them, anyway any ideas on why this is happening thanks

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Mmmm.. No idea then. I've never had that problem with mine when using an adapter.
Just sounds like regular feedback caused by the circuit. Is the pedal close to the amp? Are you playing next to the amp?
Sounds to me like it's only happening on certain positions of the pedal and try playing at louder volumes. It sounds like on that vid you're barely playing the note at all.
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ive got the mg50dfx sorry about the sound, camera isnt that good ,amp was on 7, i could have turned it up more i just that i cant stand that sound, its actually worse than it sounds on the clip