I've said
Everything that needs to be
There's nothing more I have to say
But I've spent so much time feeling insecure
And looking back on every single day
All the chances I might have missed
All the paths that I had to choose
I set my mind on dying to win
'Cause in my heart I know that I was born to lose
I tried to get away from all of my pain
Tried to cast off all my agony
Tried to find some way to leave it all behind
But it was still right there in front of me
Pull me back from the edge of this
Did that thought never cross your mind?

Now my soul's gone cold
I'm running out of time

Can't you see what you've done?
(You've turned me into something less)
Just what have I become?
(This anger burning in my chest)
I wasn't this before
(Pent up inside with loneliness)
I'm nothing anymore
(Just pull me back)

Before I fade away
Wow, this is some good stuff, and really sad (But I still like it)

I would have given you a full Crit, but I find its easier to do when a song is split into scetions (Verse, Bridge, Chorus ect), but I think that this structure works for this peice!