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Im looking for a great acoustic or electro acoustic small body, full bodied sweet sounding guitar. i have a simon and patrick but actually it sounds pretty cheap but it has a nice organic sound. i think i would like something with more bite like a taylor or guild.

I tried a budget martin and a freshman which were both equally good..different tones the martin being warm and the freshman being biteing and clean but both didnt have all that good playability compared to a taylor at a grand.


Well the martin isn't very good. It is made out HPL and what most people on this forum say has the texture of drywall. The other one says it is made out of all solid wood i believe. if that is true, that would be the better choice. Also try to check out an Epiphone Masterbuilt series if you can. They have all solid wood and they have smaller body models i believe.
i quite liked the martin it was basic but had a nice balanced tone. any other suggestions