Since I've purchased and listened to Beyond The Permafrost, I've wanted to learn one if not all of Skeletonwitch's songs. But after an hour of searching, there are absolutely no tabs for any Skeletonwitch tracks at all. I've tried tabbing out all of their songs, but it didnt go so well. Does anybody have any tabs for any one of Skeletonwitch's songs, or know where i could find any?
Try google, ETC skeletonwitch guitar tabs or what ever instrument you need. If you want like a powertab editor or guitar pro version send me the writing and i will redo it into ptab or gp.
i have the intro for cast into the open sea

the whole song for baptized in flames

and one guitar part for within my blood

i didnt think n e one wanted them so i didnt post them bbut if you want i can