I'm making a telecaster/jazzmaster guitar. I have bought everything including a cheap neck, but now I want to buy a really nice one. My question is: Is musikraft any good? There stuff looks great, but I've seen a few bad reviews. I could go for warmoth and know it will be good, but there options are a bit limited for what I want-which musikraft do. I just want to know if my $500 will be well spent or will I be left with a shoddy neck as some reviews say.

I really like Musikraft bodies and necks ... I bought a bunch of them when a local shop closed. I'm just curious, where did you get the $500 figure?

On eBay, look for Jamco Custom Shop and Jamerson Guitars ... both sell Musikraft products. Excellent Bang for the $$$ and alternative to Warmoth.

the $500 figure was $195 basic, $150 cocbolo private reserve, $20 bullet style truss rod, $25 compound radius, $25 dollars stainless steel frets, $40 inlays, $30 shipping. So basically 500.