Yo dude. I like your voice. Its sounds really good which is rare for most screaming bands I've heard as you can actually scream properly and in tune.

Prophecies is a cool song. My only criticism would be that the guitar lead just before the break/instrumental sounded a bit sloppy and so did some of the rhythm playing after. If this got tightened up I don't think I could pick fault with the song.

War in the Heavens is good too. Really liked it. Didn't think anything sounded wrong. Thought the feedback a the end was a nice touch

Set Free - I like the song but the hiss at the start/throughout the song, I think, takes away fromt he song rather than adds to it. Also I thought the drums could've been up to more than the plain pattern your put down. Lastly it seemed a little bit short.

All in all I like your project dude. The criticism is intended to help you, not piss you off.

Could you help a fellow UGer and listen and comment my band? Here's the thread link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=915049

Hey dude Thanks alot, i will take a listen toyour tunes as sson as im in my pc, im at work right now so i cant listen to them now, thanks alotfor check them out!!