how thick does a body have to be to have the short top push/pull pots in there? im making a telecaster body thats mimicking my tele custom (HH, 2v 2t pots) and honestly i dont want to pull the pickgaurd off and ruin a brand new set of stings to measure how deep the cavity is. im 99% sure im going to have to put a top of some sort to give me an extra bit of wood to work with as my mahogany blank is only 1.5 inches thick, and the guitar im following for a blueprint is almost 2 inches thick.
Its 1 1/16 inch from the bottom of the switch to where the threads start on the shaft of the pot. If you just used a washer between the pot and wood/pickguard you would need at least the 1 1/16 of clearance in the cavity. But the knob would be pretty far off the body. If you want the knob closer to the body then your gonna want more body thickness.
ok i was thinking of putting a top anywhere from 1/4-1/2 inch thick on it. i dont want it too thin in the pot cavity. might go with 3/8 inch, thats gonna be nice and heavy. now i just need to decide on what. dont want maple.
they fit in my sg fine, and its pretty thin

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hmm, i know they are a tight fit in my other tele as it is right now, but that wasnt routed for that, and not very deep at that. i might go ahead and do a top since the main body is 3 piece and the middle piece is slightly darker than the outer 2, even though they are the same wood. i think its because i had a machine plane level it all for me and the grains were opposite directions. ive been sanding it with 180 grit and its getting closer to the same color.